Choose To Be Fair by Kit West, Business Development Director

Perspective is tricky – as it has the limiting ability to allow a situation to be judged and dealt with by your own belief system. By making the jump outside of your limited perspective comfort zone, you can add a whole new level to your belief system. This gives you the ability of “compassion” and opens yourself up to a whole new world.

By being compassionate – you can now “Be Tough, But Fair”. Your world view is no longer dominated by your old paradigms. Your senses have been elevated with compassion and you can see yourself in other people’s situations. Now you can draw the lines on what “Tough” is and what “Fair” is.

The definition of “Fair” is not equal for all, but is having the ability to be successful with your set of skills. It is about others around you seeing where you can be successful and working as a team to build a project of success.

The definition of “Tough” is having that ability throughout the team to build a framework of each other’s success and holding the team accountable to complete the project of success.
By focusing on compassion and understanding that you have outdated paradigms, combining that with a team atmosphere – the freedom of being tough, but fair, will show through. Accountability of both yourself and the team will drive the success project to greater heights, while instilling a sense of pride and job well done.

Inspired by the Code of the West: “Be Tough, But Fair”.