What To Expect from CHB

Communication is the Key…and CHB’s staff is prepared to do what is needed to make sure that key is used.

When you call us, you will talk to a live Wyoming person who is empowered to help you find the correct answer to your unique situation. No phone trees or long hold times! When you email CHB, that email will be read by a professional who will respond quickly with the relevant information you requested.

You have access to correspond with anyone of the upper management team. They will take your calls and emails to talk ‘with’ you in order to understand and answer your questions/concerns.

CHB previews deals in a timely manner. If you have questions about a deal, we will take the time (before, during, and after the credit review process has been initiated) to discuss the specifics of the request. We will give you the necessary feedback to ensure the deals you send fit within our ‘Credit Box’; this saves you time, energy and effort.

  • Your clients are your clients – we do not/will not solicit Direct Business from any dealers, individual, or businesses for financing…including CHB borrowers
  • One Business Day decisions for most new financing requests
  • Notification of dual submissions; we work with the Broker who sends the deal first
  • Send and receive transaction feedback; plus, we’ll preview/discuss new deals
  • Funding deals is the priority; our staff focuses its attention toward that objective
  • Life-of-Loan servicing – All funded deals remain at CHB (we don’t sell portfolios)
  • Communications from us along every step of transaction processing

And most important – we want to hear from you. It is critical that the communication goes both ways. If you see something that can improve the process – let us know. We want your constructive and critical solution-driven FEEDBACK. Tell us what you think and give us the opportunity to make it happen.

Warmest Regards,

Your Broker Relations Representative –

Kit West  307.241.7005


We look forward to a positive and mutually beneficial broker-lender partnership.

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We do business with our clients in a friendly and courteous manner. Since we make the credit decisions, prepare the documents, and bill the client ourselves, you will find our response time prompt and our rates competitive. We are also interested in our clients having profitable operations, so they can continue to be valuable customers. We operate nationwide and offer conventional financing. Though we are conservative lenders, we are innovative in our approach to each client’s requirements. We also make every effort to be helpful and considerate to each client, many whom are now second and third generation customers.


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