Generational Customers

Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission is to provide an exceptional customer experience while upholding our core values of Integrity, Service, Strength, Respect and Community.



Provide an exceptional experience for our customers, an enriching work environment for our associates, and an outstanding value for our shareholders.



To be the premier provider of financial services in the communities we serve.



Integrity: We are owned by honest people, staffed by honest people and seek customers who are honest people. We only participate in dealings that are forthright and honest. The integrity of our companies must always be upheld.

Service: Requests from every customer are handled with a sense of urgency. New tools and technology are embraced as opportunities to better serve our customers.

Strength: Our decisions create long-term, stable value and lead to exceptional results. Risk will be accepted and managed through compliant consistent processes.

Respect: We treat our customers, associates, and shareholders with respect and celebrate the importance of diversity and teamwork in all our endeavors.

Community: We serve the financial needs of our customers and our communities, and encourage our associates to be the ambassadors to the community.

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We do business with our clients in a friendly and courteous manner. Since we make the credit decisions, prepare the documents, and bill the client ourselves, you will find our response time prompt and our rates competitive. We are also interested in our clients having profitable operations, so they can continue to be valuable customers. We operate nationwide and offer both lease and conventional financing. Though we are conservative lenders, we are innovative in our approach to each client’s requirements. We also make every effort to be helpful and considerate to each client, many whom are now second and third generation customers.


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