Building The Broker’s Business

One of CHB’s focus points is to be a resource for our Broker Associates to help you to develop, market, and build your business. We recognizing that you are the most important attribute in the equipment financing chain, for both the funder and as well as the borrower. Therefor – we rely on your success as much as you rely on ours. We want you to be successful.

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7 Ideas for Building Trust

Written by Mike Schultz – President, RAIN Group

Lots of things have changed in the world of sales, but some things have not. Building trust was important 50 years ago, and it’s just as important today. When buyers trust sellers, they depend on them, listen to them, give them access, and spend time with them.

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12 Films You Must Watch - If you are in Sales

Written by The Daily Sales Tips and Tricks

Some of these films will make you roll your eyes and some will bring you an aha moment. They will get you thinking. People say that they may be outdated and do not apply to todays selling environment – but, they do. They are timeless.

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When Arguing Is Futile - Short Story Of The Donkey And The Tiger

Written by Matt Hogan – Archives, Blog, Inspiring Short Stories

Excerpt: In this short story, a heated debate arises between a donkey and a tiger so they go to the lion for help. What he advises might surprise you.

The donkey told the tiger, “The grass is blue.”

The tiger replied, “No, the grass is green.”

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9 Powerful Ways Design Will Impact Your Brand

Written by Taylor Brands

Design is the cornerstone of the entire brand experience. It’s the secret to effective marketing, it enriches your brand’s content, and it makes your products stand out. In other words, design is the unifying force behind every aspect of your company, transforming your business into a cohesive, recognizable brand.

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Be the Better Broker-Things We Wish We’d Been Told

Written by Dustan Woodhouse

These stats remain unchanged… Nearly half of all new Mortgage (& Equipment) Brokers leave the industry inside four years. The numbers are higher where the course is shorter, lower turnover where it is longer, which makes sense. 1 in 3 are gone within the first 2 years on average.

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30 Quotes I’m Pondering and Revisiting

Written by Tim Ferris – Archives, Blog, Inspiring Short Stories

The below 30 quotes have shaped my thinking and changed my behavior over the last year. I revisit them often. Each edition describes the five coolest things I’ve found or explored that week, often including books, gadgets, tricks from experts, articles, and weird stuff from all over the world.

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How To Create An Algorithm-Proof Online Marketing Strategy

Written by Todd Giannattasio

Online marketing used to be a much more even playing field with a low barrier to success. But as the internet has matured and become more sophisticated, the companies running the show (like Facebook, Google and Amazon) have had to evolve with it, causing major issues for businesses trying to keep up.

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Don Corleone’s Guide To A Strong Network

Written by John Ricco, MPA, CAE

Convention season is about to kick into high gear. Now that in-person meetings are a “thing” again, many of us will attend events where we hope to create and cultivate relationships.  You owe it to yourself and your organization to do so, but let’s face it, many of us are not good at growing and maintaining a mutually beneficial network of colleagues — you may want to go to the mafia for help.

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We do business with our clients in a friendly and courteous manner. Since we make the credit decisions, prepare the documents, and bill the client ourselves, you will find our response time prompt and our rates competitive. We are also interested in our clients having profitable operations, so they can continue to be valuable customers. We operate nationwide and offer conventional financing. Though we are conservative lenders, we are innovative in our approach to each client’s requirements. We also make every effort to be helpful and considerate to each client, many whom are now second and third generation customers.


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