March is here and luck is in the Air – Are you ready?

If not, that is OK, as you will take this notice and be ready the next time luck presents itself.

Luck is not just for the lucky, but instead it is for the ones who are prepared to take advantage of that opportunity (luck). How many times has a situation presented itself to you and you are NOT prepared to take advantage of it? For myself, I have lost count as to the number of times I have been caught looking into the headlights of the oncoming train, not ready to do anything about it. Frozen, knowing that this could change what I have been building, but not prepared to do anything.

Well, as one gets older (some call it experienced vs older), we learn from those situations and become prepared. Some would call it WISDOM as well as some would call it MATURITY. For myself – I like to call it “being prepared”.

In the broker world – these opportunities come on a daily, hourly, by the minute timeframe. You never know when that next deal will come in that will help to bolster your company to the next level. You are always on call, night – days, weekends, and holidays. It is a career that demands your constant attention, constantly being prepared for that next opportunity.

What does that opportunity look like? Make a written statement of the general idea of what that opportunity may look like – Solidify it in writing, in stone.

Not so much on the specifics, but a generalization of how you envision what it should look like and what you will do when you see it. By writing it down you are now taking the emotion out of the decisioning and using the logic that is presented at that point in time. Logic will help you to see the opportunity and react with the right tack, enthusiasm, and energy. The emotion is removed and your head will be clear.

List 3 to 5 opportunities and what you will do with each. Remove the emotion and create a list of logical determinations that will be applied to each opportunity. Visit these on a monthly basis and update them as needed. This document is a living, breathing testament of what you plan to do.

This can be used by you on many different levels. Professional level, Business level, and on a Personal level. As these lists are developed, new opportunities will present themselves as each one is interconnected. Each new opportunity listed will open a new window and create the next “Opportunity” that you never saw coming. No more trains and bright lights coming right at you – you will know what to do, you now have a process.

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