We are going into winter – so why should we care about the Tree Care Industry.

Well it just so happens that this is the best time to prepare for the following season. Winter is here, but spring and summer are not far behind.

Taking stock of what your clients’ businesses will need makes great business sense. Use the winter downtime to determine the priorities for the following seasons. Make a “wish list” of the equipment the company would like to have. Narrow that list down to what is needed and make a plan for how the business will make it pay to own this newer equipment.

Since supply chains are going to be out of whack for quite some time – lead times for equipment are now into multiple months. This is making it hard to get equipment just as the spring and summer season starts. Plan to purchase ASAP, as this will have a dramatic effect on how the spring and summer rush will go.

Contacting your clients now in the winter, letting them know about the market conditions and how it can affect their business, is critical. This will give them the time that is needed to make the necessary arrangements to plan on the purchases they will need. This will give you the broker the ability to capitalize on your clients’ needs and be ready with funding.

We do pre approvals and pre qualifications – so all the contacts you made at the annual Tree Care Symposium – can be qualified and ready to purchase when the equipment is ready.

Tree Care equipment that we finance:

  • Bucket Trucks
  • Skid Loaders
  • Chippers
  • Crane Trucks
  • Stump Grinders
  • Man Lifts
  • And More – (send us your requests)

All this equipment is categorized as “Construction” and will get the best rates available.

Buy rates will start at 8.6%,

Life of Loan servicing (all loans stay in house)

When you call CHB – you will talk to a live Wyoming person.

See the Credit Box for more details on collateral and application requirements.

To preview a deal, call 307.241.7005 or send it directly to me: kwest@chbef.com

If the deal is ready to go – our credit desk is ready: credit@chbef.com

All deals are subject to approved credit (w.a.c.) and at the discretion of CHB.