Up to $75,000 with no TIB requirements.

Start-ups have a place here at CHB. The company driver or construction worker may qualify. Every day, the potential start-up is working, thinking about what it would be like to start their own company. How did the big companies do it – 1 piece of equipment at a time.

Well now is the time to start that company.

For start-ups, CHB  will finance the following types of equipment:

  • OTR sleeper Trucks
  • Day Cab Trucks
  • Tow Trucks
  • Box Trucks
  • Vocational Trucks
  • Last Mile Delivery Vans
  • Construction Equipment (back hoes, excavators, wheel loaders, road graders, ect)

Starting out on your own has never been easier. 

Have your client – pick out that piece of equipment, get an invoice, send us an application and the invoice.

  • 680 credit scores are best, but we will look at deals with a 625 or higher.
  • Auto Scoring – NO. All deals are looked at by people
  • Electronic docs – Yes, as it speeds and simplifies the process.
  • Business experience will get you a long way to being financed, although we will look at start-ups with little to no experience.
  • Get your LLC or corporation registered, although we will do deals as DBAs, individuals, and sole props.
  • The start-up must be driving and operating their first piece of equipment.
  • The start-up must own some type of real estate (home, raw land, condo, office)
  • Co applicants are fine as long as both parties have a 625 or better score.
  • Interest rates will vary between 13.9% and 22.9%.

Length of terms will depend on age, hours, and miles on equipment.