Your clients, with the less than perfect credit, can finance a Brand New Truck with us. We can finance a brand new truck for up to 72 Months. The prices of these trucks along with the demand have been going up and up, but with 72 month terms, those payments can be spread out to make the cash flow. A new truck will make your client’s business money and save on expenses. The fuel efficiency of these new trucks will drastically reduce the largest expense in the trucking company. The warranties will cover the cost of the maintenance – all you will need to do is drive.

Up to $300,000 funded.

Requirements that need to be meet –

  • Finance up to 50% of the net worth of the applicant
  • Credit Report must be free of late pays on installment loans in the last 12 months
  • Paynet must be free of Repos, BKs, and Write Offs, for the last 3 years
  • Credit Report must be free of balance due on past due accounts (excluding medicals and education loans)
  • Bank statements must be free of any NSFs and/or Overdrafts
  • Real Estate is NOT required if one of the following are met:
    • 3 Years Time In Business (per the Paynet and/or CBR)
    • 3 Years at the same residence (per the CBR)
    • 3 Trucks in Fleet (per the Safer)
  • For deals over $150,000 – full financials and 2 years of business tax returns will be needed. Plus Banks, Invoice, Signed Credit Application, and Spec Sheet.
  • For deals under $150,000 – 3 months of bank statements, Invoice/Spec Sheet, and Signed Credit App will get the deal going.
  • Startups – can qualify for up to $75,000 in financing.

See the Credit Box for more details on collateral and application requirements.

Call 307.241.7005 or email Kit at for more details.

All deals are subject to approved credit (w.a.c.) and at the discretion of CHB.