I have been at CHB for 3 years in the Docs and Funding Department. The financial world is not something I thought I would have a career in. Cooking is my passion! However, I am grateful to have a job in these trying times and I really enjoy it. I am very appreciative of CHB and the Mission, Vision and Values they uphold.

Family and faith is everything to me. 2020 was a long year for most. For me this was one on the best years. I got married, moved, fished, hunted, bought a jeep, lost, cried, laughed, traveled, spent even more time with my family and just lived. Tomorrow is not promised and I have thought about that a lot given the current state of the world. My family and my faith got me through this year and everything else was extra frosting on the cake of life. I am beyond grateful for that!

For those of you that thought that 2020 was a long year I wish everyone nothing but the best in 2021!