You want Higher Commissions – We want deals that fit the Credit Box.

Let’s work together toward THE common goal.

The Broker Bonus Program:

– designed to pay higher commissions in return for deals that fit our Credit Box.

  • If volume is what we fund for you – you get a high bonus (.67% more)
  • If quality is what we fund for you – you get a higher bonus (.75% more)
  • If quality and volume is what we fund for you – you get the highest bonus (1.00% more)

Bonuses are paid annually and quarterly based-on funded performance data over time.
(Approval and Look-to-Book (L2B) ratios are figured via the number of deals approved and funded / total apps submitted)

Standard Broker Points 7% 5% 4% 3%
$ Amount Paid to Vendor: Up to $25,000 >$25,000 – $75,000 >$75,000 – $125,000 >$125,000

Adding Bonuses to the standard Commissions for all OUR Brokers!

Broker Bonus Extra – Tier 1 (the Goal for start-up Brokers)

Paid Annually
Submit 25 total apps annually and fund $75,000 for 3 out of 4 quarters (with a 12% L2B)
Amount awarded at year’s end is a 0.5% bonus of total new business funded

Broker Bonus Plus – Tier 2

Paid Quarterly
Award levels based on three primary performance metrics related to new business volume…
Bronze -$120k funded per quarter with 13% L2B = 0.67% Bonus
Silver – $120k funded with 35% Apps Approval rate = 0.75% Bonus
Gold – $120k funded, 30 Total Apps submitted and with 16% L2B = 1.00% Bonus

Broker Bonus Preferred – Tier 3

Paid at funding for each new deal

  1. Determined annually (January 1st) based on previous calendar year’s Performance
  2. Must be among Top 5 for total funded amount
  3. Continued eligibility for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Bonuses (see criteria above)
  4. Opportunity and Invitation to attend “Broker Weekend” in Jackson, Wyoming
  5. Each new deal earns an additional Point (1%) to Broker Commission when funded 

Hitting Tier 3 & Tier 2 Gold has its Perks!

  • Earn up to 2 more points on each deal to boost your bottom line.

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