Always Finish What You Start – Kit West, Business Development Director

Starting is the Key. It is a habit to be formed and one that you can build from. This can be started by simply waking up and starting your day. Start the day by building a set of habits. Put the habits together and it becomes a process that will get your hour, day, week, month, year started off right.
Finishing is the end result that you will get when you have started all your habits and placed them in a process. Your morning will become automatic, your day at work will become automatic. This will give you more of the most precious things that we desire – Time.
Time is your most precious commodity. You have 86,400 seconds of time for every day. How we start and finish those 86,400 seconds is up to us. A process of good habits will help to prioritize each one of those seconds to be put to the best use by you. Family, career, friends, and thinking time can all benefit from this.
Goals – once you have developed your process, goals become easier to achieve. Take a few of those 86,400 seconds and develop your goal for a project. By breaking your time into projects with goals, the process is easy to implement.
You already have the process for getting things started. Use it. Wake up and start. Goal achieved. Move on to the next one. Start it and work it till it is finished.

Inspired by the Code of the West: “Always Finish What You Started”.