A 20% down payment for financing trailer deals has been the norm for us for quite some time.

In an effort to better serve the borrowing client – this needs to change.

Therefore, we have started a reduced down payment program for qualifying applicants.

There are several aspects that go into determining if the applicant will qualify for reduced down.


App only program for all trailer deals under $75,000
○ Invoice
○ Credit application – That is it to get started.

Qualifying applicants can get anywhere from 0% to 20% down.

Time in Business. Start-ups do not qualify for this program.

Must be an owner/operator with a truck that will pull the trailer.

Newer and better condition the equipment, the lower the down payment. We will look at equipment for this program that is 8 years or newer and in very good condition.

Credit Scores:
○ 685 scores may qualify for 10% down.
○ 735 scores may qualify for 0% down.
○ Scores under 685 may still qualify for 20% down.

Taxes, dealer fees, and warranties may not be included.
Types of Trailers that will qualify for this program:
○ Refrigerated (refer vans)
○ Dry Vans
○ Heavy Haul / RPG
○ Flatbed
○ Drop Deck / Step Deck
○ Tanker
○ Conestoga/Tarp System and Trailer together
○ Livestock
○ Traveling Axle
○ Specialty Haul

Types of Trailers that Do Not qualify for this program:
○ Integrated Car Haulers
○ Food Trailers
○ Wedge car haulers
○ Double deck car hauler


Minimum of $15,000 funded amount
Maximum of $300,000 funded amount

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