Loan Guidelines

As a Direct Lender, we offer

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  • Over 20 years experience in the equipment finance business

  • Construction – Agricultural and Industrial equipment financing


  • Start-up applicant financing– no TIB required

  • Competitive interest rates

  • Nationwide funding

  • Financing for 625+ FICO scores

  • Application only financing up to $150,000

  • No pre-payment / early termination penalties (After first 12 months)

  • Private party financing

  • No fleet requirements

  • 60 Days prior to first payment


  • Minimum 625 FICO Score

  • Federal tax liens, judgments, term credit collections, and recent derogatory credit history are grounds for denial.

  • Finance amount should not exceed 50% of the applicant’s net worth.

  • Real-Estate Ownership is required.

  • Start-up / Zero industry experience buyers are accepted with 25% Down.

  • United States Citizenship is not required.

    • Length of term not to exceed expiration of permanent resident card for Non-American-Citizen Applicants.

  • We do not do business in Louisiana.

  • Application only up to $150,000.

  • 3 years’ time required from Discharge / Dismiss of Bankruptcy.

Application Packets


  • Credit Application.

  • Invoice / Specification sheet for equipment being purchased.

  • CHB will contact each applicant for a customer interview.

    • Personal Financial Statement will be taken over the phone providing that other supporting documents meet approval criteria.


All application submissions should be submitted for approval to the main CHB email or a specified chb representative.  You should expect a credit decision to be made within 24 hours; providing that we are able to reach the customer and all documents were provided and acceptable. Same day approvals are typical.

If terms of approval are accepted, necessary supporting documents are needed to generate documents and close the deal.


C.H. Brown is now allowing our referral partners to build more points into deals and this is how it’s structured:

  • Funding up to $75,000 – Build up to 5 Points into every deal

  • $75,000-$125,000 – Build up to 4 Points into every deal

  • $125,000 + — Negotiable up to 3 Points on every deal

Additional Information

  • We do not provide “Sale-Leaseback” or “Cash-Out” Financing.

  • History of Term Past Due Payment within the past 12 months is grounds for denial.

  • Borrowers must provide permanent resident card if non United States Citizen – Term of loan should not exceed length of term allowed in the United States.

  • Dump Trucks, directional drills, food trucks, car carriers and buses are considered undesirable collateral and will not be considered unless applicant and use is located in a state contiguous to Wyoming.

  • No working capital loans

  • No Refinances; However Lease buyouts on leases that have reached maturity will be considered.

We do not fund 2008, 2009 and 2010 Class 7-8 Trucks.

Zero / Reduced Down Payment Program – Transportation 0-15% Down Payment

  • Minimum 700 Credit Bureau Score.

  • Minimum 150k Net Worth.

  • Minimum 2 Units in Fleet.

  • 2 Years as Owner Operator.

  • Real-Estate Ownership Required.

  • Maximum 250K Miles on Overhaul.

  • Start-up Applicants do not qualify.

Zero / Reduced Down Payment Program – Equipment

0-15% Down Payment

  • Minimum 700 Credit Bureau Score.

  • Minimum 150K Net Worth.

  • 2 Year Time In Business.

  • Real-Estate Ownership Required.

  • Start-Up Applicants Do Not Qualify.

Trailer-Only Program

  • Dry Van and Refrigerated Semi Trailers that are 6 Years old and Newer.

  • Any age of Step Deck or Flatbed Semi Trailer.

  • Real-estate ownership required.

  • Equipment must be purchased from a licensed dealer.

  • Dealer must agree to install GPS unit on trailer (GPS Provided by CHB) and must be installed and pinging prior to funding.

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We do business with our clients in a friendly and courteous manner. Since we make the credit decisions, prepare the documents, and bill the client ourselves, you will find our response time prompt and our rates competitive. We are also interested in our clients having profitable operations, so they can continue to be valuable customers. We operate nationwide and offer both lease and conventional financing. Though we are conservative lenders, we are innovative in our approach to each client’s requirements. We also make every effort to be helpful and considerate to each client, many whom are now second and third generation customers.


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